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Customer Commitment:

When choosing the right fiber optic products for your network applications, you can rest assured that our products do what we say they’ll do. At Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, ISO 9001, Telcordia compliance, TL-9000, and RoHS compliance are just the beginning of the high standards to which our products must adhere. The promise to exceed our customers’ expectations of product excellence has been ingrained as a tradition within the Sumitomo corporate culture and manufacturing process for over 100 years – ensuring our future stability and success… and that of our customers.

Tailoring Your Fiber Optic Network

The new PureFit™ 36-fiber drop cable, hostile environment ribbon cable, and the new Quantum fusion splicer are examples of Sumitomo Customer-Derived Tailored Innovations, inspired through customer input.  When our customers tell us they need a solution, we listen, and tailor the product solution to meet the customer need…and we extend our appreciation to our customers to whom we owe many of our industry 1st innovations and continued leadership in mutually providing the best technology has to offer.

Optical Fiber

Having pioneered the Vapor Phase Axial Deposition (VAD) process, developed the world’s lowest attenuation Z-fiber with a record of 0.154dB/km, and pioneered the industry’s first bend insensitive fiber, Sumitomo Electric is the recognized leader in providing optical fiber types that yield the most reliable transmission and signal integrity — whether for Long Haul, Metro, Access, or Undersea.

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Optical Fiber Cable

Delivering to you the world's highest quality, most reliable, and advanced fiber optic cable is central to Sumitomo's mission. From Sumitomo’s renowned ribbon fiber cable, featuring the patented Easy Split & Peel technology, to having developed the industry’s first 100% Dry, Gel-free Ribbon Cable, plus more — Sumitomo Electric Lightwave leads the way in advanced optical cable designs for better and easier mid-span access, space saving, and other solutions that increase productivity and efficiency in the field.  That’s why major service providers have deployed Sumitomo Electric optical fiber cable in today’s most visible and prominent optical fiber deployments.

Ribbon Cables
Tools and Accessories

EPON Equipment

As the recognized leader in PON technology, Sumitomo Electric is leading the way in the evolution of the next generation EPON platform. As multiple service operators seek to migrate from 1GE to 10GE, Sumitomo Electric provides the latest and most advanced EPON products with the quality and reliability that sets Sumitomo Electric apart from the rest. Our EPON products are MEF certified: MEF 9 (EPL, EVPL, ELAN); MEF 14 (EPL, EVPL, ELAN). Sumitomo Electric’s EPON products are based upon the specifications, standards and compliances of IEEE, CableLabs®, and MEF… and are on the leading edge of upcoming next generation advancements.

Optical Line Terminals (OLTs)
Optical Network Units (ONUs)

Fusion Splicers & Accessories

The Only Thing More Reliable than Our Splicer is Our Service… Having introduced the industry’s first mass fusion splicer, dual heater splicers,  splice protection heat shrink sleeves, and many other industry-1st innovations, Sumitomo is the leader in fusion splicing technology—with splicers and precision tools that are Light Years Ahead of the Rest… Our splicers may require less servicing, but when they do, service technicians at our On-Time Technical Center make themselves available 24x7, offering the fastest 1 day turnaround times in the industry. 

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Optical Network Products & Connectivity

For today’s mission critical Data Centers, CO, Headend, and Enterprise networks, our Optical Network Products division provides the most advanced end-to-end optical fiber solutions and connectivity innovations for maximum reliability to keep your network up and running. Featuring the revolutionary Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connectors for customized, on-site cable builds, faster installations, MACs, repairs and restorations without the shorts & slack and logistic delays of preterminated cables—we also offer advanced distribution trunk cables, patch cords and all passive components for the speed, reliability, and performance required for  the 21st century network.

Lynx2 CustomFit®Splice-On Connectors(MPO, SC, LC, FC, and ST)
Patch Cords
Quick SC & LC Mechanical Connectors
Shelves & Cassettes
Emerging Solutions

FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber®

The World’s Most Advanced Fiber Optic Infrastructure for the Enterprise Network

FutureFLEX has solved the limitations of traditional structured cabling to provide overwhelming benefits to the enterprise network that traditional cabling simply cannot deliver. FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber is an environmentally green, complete end-to-end, splice-free optical fiber and pathway solution that provides not only unprecedented benefits for the LAN, but for physically separated networks, such as SCADA, security, DAS, and other systems, as well. 

FutureFLEX delivers true REAL-TIME fiber and Bandwidth-On–Demand for IMMEDIATE scalability; eliminates the need to enter or disrupt highly secure, hazardous or dangerous areas of the network; provides virtually unlimited pathway, fiber and bandwidth capacity; solves congested duct bank problems …plus much more. See why the Pentagon, White House, CNN, ESPN, Con Edison, ConocoPhillips, Yale University, DFW International Airport, Mayo Clinic and many others spanning numerous vertical industries have adopted FutureFLEX.

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