About Us

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) foresaw the migration to an all optical fiber network as early as 1983 when it first opened its doors.

Our dedication to the advancement of fiber optic technology and exceptional service to the customer — then and now — has positioned Sumitomo Electric Lightwave as a recognized leader in the innovation, design, development, and manufacturing of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions for data center, enterprise, and communication network customers.

These technologically advanced solutions help our customers simplify network complexity, while improving performance, cost savings, and network efficiencies.

By drawing on R&D, resources, and expertise both internally and from Sumitomo Electric Industries—we provide a breadth of advanced optical fiber solutions and options that give network managers the freedom and flexibility in network design.

Committed to continuous innovation, SEL is constantly developing and expanding its data center and enterprise network offerings — introducing industry-1st and only solutions that give our customers a competitive edge.

Backed by outstanding engineering, technical, and training services, we partner with you, our customer, to tailor your specific product requirements in the achievement of your optical fiber network vision.

And since we’re a wholly owned privately-held company of Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), our primary commitment is not to shareholders, but to you — our customer.

As part of SEI, serving the markets of North, South, and Central America, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is empowered by the vast, worldwide Sumitomo Electric consolidation to address the growing demand for new and better technology.

Sumitomo Electric Industries …The Leading Force in Information and Communications Technology Worldwide

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is a global corporate group comprised of 332 consolidated companies and over 220,000 employees in more than 30 countries around the world. SEI is listed 471 in Fortune Magazine’s 2014 Largest 500 Global Companies based on revenue—the only optical fiber and cable manufacturer on the list, as a testimony to its continued growth, profitability, and stability. SEI has long been a leading edge force in the advancement of information and communications technology through decades of pioneering industry-changing innovations and solutions that have led to the advancements in optical fiber networks we witness today.

As pioneers in optical fiber and connectivity innovations in Asia and throughout the world, Sumitomo Electric Industries, our parent company, passes its expertise on to us… giving us a competitive advantage that we pass right along to you.

The synergy among all 332 SEI companies is part of the Sumitomo Electric Ingenious Dynamics process and corporate business philosophy that ultimately enables revolutionary, advanced innovations that empower the information and communications industry…and our customers.

Customer-Derived Tailored Innovations

The hostile environment ribbon cable and the new Quantum splicers are examples of Sumitomo Customer-Derived Innovations, inspired through customer input. When our customers tell us they need a solution, we listen, and tailor the product solution to meet the customer need…and we extend our appreciation to our customers to whom we owe many of our industry 1st innovations and continued leadership in mutually providing the best technology has to offer.