Fiber Protection Sleeves



For the ultimate in fiber protection, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s fusion splice protection sleeves are designed to meet or exceed Telcordia Standard TA-NWT-001380. Designed for durability and reliability, the sleeves are constructed with an inner EVA meltable adhesive tube, and a polyolefin heat shrink outer tube. The strength member within the sleeve is made of tempered stainless steel with rounded and polished edges. The tubes are clear to allow viewing the color of the fiber after splicing.  The entire assembly is heat bonded to ensure that all members maintain perfect alignment during shipping, handling, and the shrinking process for the best in optical fiber protection.



  • Provides Maximum Lasting Protection of Fiber for Splicing in    Any Application
  • Variety of Single and Multi-Fiber Sleeves
  • Durable Tempered Stainless Steel Reinforcement Rods with    Rounded and Polished Edges
  • Exceed Telcordia Standard TA-NWT-001380
  • Outer Tube Meets SAE AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 2
  • Inner EVA Meltable Adhesive Tube
  • Full Length Strength Member for Total Fiber Support
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances
  • Heat Bonded Assembly
  • Fungus Resistant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FPS-61-2.6 – New Slim Sleeve with Pre-Shrunk Ends to Improve    Fiber Placing Accuracy and Reduce Shrink Times

Ordering Information

Part Number Fiber Count Coating Sizes Length Strength Member Quantity
FPS-1 1 250 to 900µm 60mm Stainless Steel 50
FPS-61-2.6 1 250 to 900µm 60mm Stainless Steel 50
FPS-6-5P 2 to 12 250 µm 40mm Glass Ceramic 5
FPS-26(24) 1 250 to 900µm 26mm Stainless Steel 24
FPS-40-10P 1 250 to 900µm 40mm Stainless Steel 10

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