Lynx-CustomFit® 2 Splice-On Connectors (MPO)



Sumitomo’s Lynx2-MPO is the industry’s first MPO fusion splice-on field installable connector for customized, on-site, terminations. The breakthrough technology of the Lynx2-MPO meets the needs of the network for greater optical fiber density and addresses the connectivity demands for faster and easier terminations, upgrades, repairs and restorations, and significant cost savings required for today’s data center, enterprise network, outside plant, OEM, central office, and virtually any FTTx network application.

MTP® compatible, the Lynx2-MPO is the perfect solution for optical fiber ribbon and loose tube round cord and patch cord terminations. Like all Lynx2 fusion splice-on connectors (SC, LC, FC, and ST), the Lynx2-MPO allows the technician to make permanent terminations with the exact cable length for fast and easy installations and upgrades at the work site. The on-site customization facilitated by the Lynx2 connectivity method eliminates the risk of shorts and slack, repair lag, and logistic delays associated with preterminated cables and pigtails — making the Lynx2-MPO your best choice in customized fiber termination.


  • Industry’s 1st MPO Field Installable, Fusion Splice-On Connector
  • Cuts Time, Material, and Labor Costs
  • Eliminates Logistical Delays of Pre-Engineered Cables
  • Guide Pins for Precision Alignment (Male Only)
  • Color Coded Housing
  • Compatible with Optical Ribbon Fiber and Round Cord 12ct. Loose Tube
  • Customizable Field Polarity Management
  • EIA/TIA-604-5, FOCIS 5, IEC-61754-7 Compliant

 *MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec, Ltd.


Part Number Description
LYNX2-CORDTOOL-2.0-3.0 Lynx2 SOC, Cord Prep Tool, 2/3mm
FA-03 Fiber Arrangement Tool for Lynx2-MPO
FAC-24 Consumables for Fiber Arrangement Tool (Makes ~30 Ribbons)
FAC-24-003-A Adhesive for Fiber Arrangement Tool (Included in FAC-24)
FHM-12-MPO-MTL Lynx2-MPO Ferrule Holder, Metal/Universal
FHM-12-MPO-PLS Lynx2-MPO Ferrule Holder, Plastic/Universal
LYNX2-TKU-MPO-RCATK Tool Kit for Terminating Connectors onto Round Cord and Jacketed Ribbon Includes; Assembly Platform with Integrated Fiber Arrangement Tool, Adhesive, Cord Prep Tool, Metal MPO Ferrule Holder, Kevlar® Shears, Backpack
LYNX2-ATK2-MPO Assembly Platform with Integrated Fiber Arrangement Tool
LYNX2-HRT-1 MPO Outer Housing Disassembly Tool
TYPE-Q101-M12-KIT-MPO1 Quantum Mass Fusion Splicer, Cleaver, Heated Jacket Remover, Spare Electrodes, V-Groove Brush, Power Cord, Manual, Hard Case, MPO Assembly Tool Kit, Consumable Kit
TYPE-Q101-M12-KIT-MPO2 Includes KIT-MPO1 Contents; Plus Battery

* MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec.
** Kevlar is a registered trademark of Dupont.

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