Lynx2-PLUS CustomFit ® Splice-On Connectors 4ct. Productivity Package


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave continues its tradition of innovation and customer focused, market driven product advancements with the release of the Lynx2-PLUS. Maintaining all of the quality
standards of the Lynx2, the Lynx2-PLUS incorporates an enhanced installation procedure, smaller overall completed connector design, and improved packaging. With the Lynx2-PLUS, termination time for 2 and 3 mm cord applications has been reduced by half for complete connectorization in approximately 2 minutes. The new connectors no longer require furcation tubing for 2 and 3mm applications, resulting in shorter, more aesthetic connectors. The finished product mirrors factory pre-terminated jumpers, trunks, harnesses and/or arrays.



  • Improved Design for High Density Applications
  • New 2 Minute Approximate Connectorization for 2 and 3mm Cord; (250 & 900µm in 96 seconds or less)
  • Achieve EXACT Lengths On-Site, without the Risk of Shorts & Slack of Preterminated Cables
  • Eliminates Logistic Delays of Pre-Engineered Cables/Jumpers
  • Less Time, Material, and Labor Costs than Other Connectivity Methods
  • Cross Compatible with all SC, LC, FC and ST Connectors
  • Consistent & Reliable Results with Single-Mode and Multimode Fiber
  • Low Insertion & Return Losses for Superior Signal Integrity
  • Compatible with Sumitomo Splicers and Other Brands
  • Instant Splice Loss Feedback
  • Meets Telcordia GR-326-CORE and GR-1081-CORE Compliance


Part Number Description 250um/900um 2mm/3mm
LYNX2-TKU-2.0-3.0 Lynx2 Tool Kit for 2.0/3.0mm x x
LYNX2-CORDTOOL-2.0-3.0 Cord Prep Tool for 2.0/3.0mm x
LYNX2-HOLDER-C Plastic Ferrule Holder (Sumitomo & New Competitor Splicers) x x
LYNX2-UML-C Lynx2, Ferrule Side Holder, Metal/Universal x x
LYNX2-UML-S Lynx2, Splice Sleeve Side Holder, Metal/Universal x x
FHS-025-LB5 Fiber Holder, Loose Buffer 250/900μm, 900LT x x
LYNX-SHEARS Kevlar Cutters x
JR-M03 Jacket Remover x x
LYNX2-ST-AT-01 ST Assembly Tool x x
LYNX2-DUPLEX CLIP-LC Duplex Clip for LC x x
LYNX2-DUPLEX CLIP-SC Duplex Clip for SC x x

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