Quantum Type-Q101-CA+™ Core Alignment Fusion Splicer


The Quantum Type-Q101-CA-Plus™ is Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s enhancement to its industry leading Quantum core alignment fusion splicer, providing the most advanced splicing technology available today. Maintaining all of the qualities and industry first features of the Quantum Type- Q101-CA, the Quantum + reaches new standard levels in speed by reducing heater shrink time from 28 to 14 seconds. This new speed, coupled with the splicer’s patent protected dual independent ovens, makes it the fastest in the industry by far. The built-in dual heater system, with its unprecedented speed, improves splicing efficiency by over 80% for perfectly streamlined, consecutive, and cost effective splices. The Quantum PLUS is also the lightest, smallest, and most advanced core alignment fusion splicer in the industry; yet it’s also rugged with superior dust, shock and water-proof resistance, making it the ideal choice for even the harshest environments.


  • Industry’s Only Dual Independent Heat Shrink Ovens
  • Industry’s First High Resolution, Fully Navigational Touch Screen Monitor
  • Industry’s Only SD Port for Virtually Unlimited Data Storage
  • Industry’s Only Internet Interface for Remote Maintenance & Software Upgrades
  • Industry’s Only Video Playback
  • Industry’s Lightest Weight & Smallest Footprint Core Alignment Splicer
  • Ruggedized Design for Shock, Water, and Dust Resistance
  • Automatic Splice Start, Arc Calibration, Heater Start and Fiber Identification
  • Hard Carrying Case with Integrated Work Platform
  • Multiple Positional Monitor with Automatic Display Inversion
  • Fiber Holder or Fiber Clamp Selectable
  • Battery Recharges While Splicing
  • Long Life Battery for 200 Splice and Heater Cycles per Charge
  • Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connector Compatibility
  • Three Year Warranty Included
  • 24-Hour Technical Support via 1-888-SPLICER


General Specifications

ROHS Compliant
Applicable Fiber Types SMF, MMF, DSF, NZ-DSF, BIF/UBIF
Coating Diameter 100 to 1000 μm
Cladding Diameter 80 to 150μm
Cleave Length 5-16 mm
Typical Splice Loss, Identical Fibers SMF: 0.02dB MMF: 0.01dB NZ-DSF: 0.04dB
Return Loss <70dB
Alignment Method High Resolution Direct Core Monitoring & 3-Axis Core Alignment
Built-In Splice Protection Sleeve Heaters Dual Independent Auto Splice Sleeve Heaters
Heater Cycle Time 14 Seconds; 60mm Slim Sleeve
Heater Programs Max 100
Typical Splice Time 6 Second Splice Time
Splice Programs Max 300
Attenuation Splicing 0.1 – 15.0dB
Interface Touch Panel Input & Switches Built-in Audio & Video SD Memory Card, USB2.0 (USB-mini B) DC Input for Car Battery Operation
Power Requirements Input: 100V to 240V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10-15V DC
DC (Battery Operation) 200 Splices & Heater Cycles; 600 with External Charger
Battery Module Li-ion; Arc and Heater Cycle Capacity Number
Arc Test Auto Compensation for Environmental Conditions
Proof Test Internal 200g
Language Selection 27
Image Display 320X Single (zoom700X) and 88X Dual Fiber Imaging; X/Y with 2 Cameras
Internal Splice Data Storage 10000 (Unlimited with SD card)
Image Storage 200
Electrode Life 3,000
Display Positions Adjustable for Optimal Work Flow
Software Update Internet
Remote Maintenance Yes

Physical Characteristics

Size (mm) 120W x 154D x 130H
Weight 2.1 kg with battery
Display 4.1 Color, Low Glare, High Resolution Touch Screen Monitor
Shock - Free Fall 76cm from 5 sides
Waterproof IPx2
Dustproof IP5x
Wind Protection 30 mph (15 m/s)
Battery Docking Bay Internal


Description Part Number Quantity
Battery Unit BU-101 1 ea.
250um Single Fiber Holder FHS-025 1 ea.
900um Single Fiber Holder FHS-09 1 ea.
Spare Electrodes ER-10 1 pr.
Precision Fiber Cleaver with Scrap Fiber Catcher FC-6S-C 1 ea.
Hand-Held Precision Fiber Cleaver with Automatic Blade Rotation and Catcher FC-7R 1 ea.
Precision Bench Top Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver with Catcher FC-6RS-C 1 ea.
Fiber Protection Sleeves (Single Fiber, 40mm, 10 Sleeves) FPS-40-10P 1 pk.
Fiber Protection Sleeves (Single Fiber, 60mm, 50 Sleeves) FPS-1 1 pk.
Splice Tray Holder Q101-STH-KIT set
Dual Bay Battery Charger, Adapter BC-101 set

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-1 Splicer Kit with Accessories
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2 Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-6S-C Cleaver
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2R Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-7R Precision Cleaver
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2RFH Splicer Kit with Accessories, FC-7R Precision Cleaver and Fiber Holders (250, 900um & LB5)
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-6RSC Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-6RS-C Precision Cleaver
Type-Q101-CA-KIT-6RSCFH Splicer Kit with Accessories, FC-6RS-C Precision Cleaver and Fiber Holders (250, 900um & LB5)

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