Freeform Ribbon™ OSP Slotted Core Ribbon – 3456F


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Freeform Ribbon™ Slotted Core fiber optic ribbon cables feature 250um color-coded optical fibers for easy fiber identification and Sumitomo’s exclusive patented pliable ribbons. Freeform Ribbon™ enables high fiber density within a small cable diameter which in turn helps with limited duct space. The twelve fiber ribbons enable connectorization with both MPO and all industry standard connectors. The  nonpreferential bend axis allows for easy installation in space-constrained areas. The cable includes a dry water-blocking tape that eliminates cable flooding gels, thereby eliminating the cleaning and blocking preparation steps associated with standard gel-filled cables. By eliminating these steps, the use of a totally dry cable speeds overall installation, termination, and splicing while reducing labor and material costs. The all dielectric design requires no grounding or bonding.

• Color-Coded Optical Fibers for Quick and Easy Identification
• Pliable Ribbon for High Fiber Density
• 12-Fiber Grouping for Ease and Compatibility with Multi-Fiber Connectors
• PureAccess G.657.A1 Bend In-Sensitive Fiber
• Easy Cable Entry
• Gel Free
• Complies with Telcordia and IEC Requirements


Property Specification
Maximum Tensile Load During Installation 600 lbs
Maximum Recommended Service Load 200 lbs
Minimum Bend Radius (During/After Installation) 20/10 x Cable OD
Compression Resistance 220 N/cm (124 lbs/in)
Operation Temperature Range -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)

Physical Characteristics

Fiber Count Max. No. of Slots No. Fibers Per Slot Diameter (mm/in) Weight (kg/km) (lbs/kft)
3456 8 432 34.0 1.34 700 470

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